Connecting to Linux server over SSH from Windows

This guide will help you establish an SSH connection from Windows to your Linux server.

Step 1: Please download PuTTY (putty.exe) from:

Step 2: Please fill up the IP address of your server (optional: and port if different than 22) and click open:


Putty Configuration

That’s it! You are now connected to your server via putty.

Optional – Generating and using RSA keys with puttygen.exe

Step 1: Please download PuTTY Gen (puttygen.exe) from:

Step 2: Generate your RSA key:


Press Generate key and move your mouse inside the puttygen window:


Step 3: Please copy the public key from the text window and paste it inside your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on your Linux server and save your private key:


Optional: You can also define a password to your private key before saving your key.

Step 4: Open putty.exe. In the left menu, choose SSH->Auth, click the Browse button and select your private key and click open.


Now PuTTY will provide your private key during connection to your server.