Running scheduled tasks in Windows Server 2019

You can schedule tasks on Windows Server to run a specific thing or script at a given time, once or repeatedly.

This is achieved as follows:

Step 1

Right-click on the start menu and select “Computer Management.”

Step 2

On the left-hand menu, right-click on ‘Task Scheduler’ and select “Create basic task.”

Step 3

Give the task a name and a detailed description of what it does.

Step 4

Please select when you want it to run. The options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once When the computer starts when a user logs in or when a specific event is detected in the event log.

Step 5

Assuming Daily, click next and then set a time and a start date, then you can pick the recurrence. You can now tune this despite selecting daily, so it only runs every three days, for example. Click Next once you have made your selection.

Step 5

Your choices now are: Start a program (can also be a script, batch file etc.), Send an email, or display a message on the screen. Make your selection and click Next.

Step 7

Assuming you selected to start a program, you now browse to that program or script, add any arguments it may require, and click next, then finish.

Now while still in computer management, looking at the left-hand menu, under ‘System Tools’ expand ‘Task Scheduler’. Then click on ‘Task Scheduler Library’ you will see your scheduled task in the list with the trigger events in the list. You can edit this at any time.

You can also set the task to run as a specific user under the ‘Security Options’ when viewing the task.