VMWare ESXi – End of general availability

Following the merger with Broadcom, VMware ESXi has reached the end of its general availability, resulting in the discontinuation of security updates and licensing; it is no longer possible to get a license for ESXi, even the free evaluation license is being discontinued, while it may be technically feasible to install ESXi if you have an ISO available locally when it can no longer call home your installation may become limited.

VMWare ESXi should be considered insecure and not be put on the public internet for any reason. As a result, we strongly advise a transition to alternative virtualization solutions to ensure the security and stability of their environments.

Proxmox is one such alternative; it offers a comprehensive set of virtualization features, including support for both virtual machines and containers and provides a web UI for management; we have ProxMox available to install directly from our control panel with any dedicated server, and once you have installed Proxmox visit https://<your server ip>:8006 to access the web UI.

Proxmox provides community and commercial support and has a wealth of documentation for management.


VMWare ESXi end of life
Proxmox community support
Proxmox documentation