Dedicated Server Atlanta – USA

Experience the power of premium network and SLA-backed unmanaged servers

If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful dedicated server in Atlanta, you can trust Clouvider to provide exceptional hosting services that can handle any requirement. Our unmanaged dedicated servers in the USA and Europe offer unparalleled control, speed and performance for your complete confidence.

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Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Find your ideal unmanaged dedicated serverswithin each of our locations:

Dedicated Servers in Atlanta, GA, USA

Supermicro E-2278G NVMe

8 Cores, 16 Threads, 3.4 GHz

  • 16 GB up to 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 512 GB NVMe upto 3 NVMe or 2 HDD
  • 50 TB up to 10 Gbit/s unmetered Bandwidth
  • 10 Gbit/s NIC
  • Atlanta, GA Datacentre
$ 143 / month
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Unmetered Dedicated Servers in Atlanta, US

Unmetered servers offer you no bandwidth limits; allowing your touse upto your servers network port speed, ideal forbandwidth intensive sites and applications.

No servers are available in Atlanta at this time.

Please take a look at our servers in following locations:


Servers Features



FREE Acronis 50GB offsite backup
for internal services


Chosen from No RAID or Software RAID to allow for mirrored disks for an additional layer of redundancy or striped disks to increase overall disk I/O throughput
High Speed Network Interfaces

High Speed Network Interfaces

Port speeds up to 20Gbps are available
Operating System

Operating System

During the order process, you can choose your preferred operating system. We offer Linux free of charge, or we can arrange a Windows Server licence for an additional fee.
Control Panel

Control Panel

We offer you low cost cPanel/WHM licenses for use on our network.
DDoS protection

DDoS protection

CORERO complimentary, best effort
DDoS Protection

IP Addresses

IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 Addresses

1 included.
IPv4 Subnets available
Free Announcement/BGP optional extra
IPv6 Subnets

IPv6 Subnets

Benefit from the new generation of IPs
1 IPv6 /64 included, up to /48 available

Available Upgrades



64GB (Intel E3), 128GB (Intel E),
512GB (AMD EPYC), 1TB (Rocket)


Up to 10x NVMe drives
or 2x NVMe + 4x HDD
Bandwidth Upgrades

Bandwidth Upgrades

You can select from 50TB up to 25 Gbps unmetered connections

Why Choose Clouvider? Enjoy premium-level speed and redundancy from our Atlanta USA data centre


Located in premium USA data centres, we offer seriously speedy hosting through our unmanaged dedicated servers in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York.

Designed to power and protect your business, we can offer incredible flexibility, performance and the assurance of 100% uptime thanks to:

  • 100% SLA power
  • Multiple backbone network and internet connections
  • Backup generators

Whatever your resource requirements, our servers can meet them


Business moves fast and customers don’t want to wait, so you need a powerful server solution that can meet your internal needs and those of your online visitors. Whether you deal with extensive data, need to power complex systems or just want to ensure your website is always live, fast and responsive, our dedicated servers have the capacity and capabilities you need – no exceptions.

Your unmanaged server will come complete with enterprise-class Supermicro, Dell and HP hardware, extensive RAM and disc space and is entirely dedicated to your business – for full, exclusive access to its resources.

Flexible features and optional extras for a truly bespoke service

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One thing we’ve learned through our time in the industry is that every single business is different, so we don’t bind you into a pre-built package but instead let you choose the features and functionality your organisation needs.

We’re here to listen and guide you all the way, making sure your dedicated server is completely suitable for your processes and people for a tailored package created just for you. We can offer loadbalancers, dedicate vLANs, a range of backup services and much more – just talk us through your requirements, answer a few questions and we’ll get you up and running.

Server support and full management options


We might deal in dedicated servers but we recognise that people are at the heart of any organisation, so we take a customer-centric approach at all times. Your server will be monitored by our network operation centre 24/7, and our UK based team of tech experts are on hand anytime you need help.

We also offer a full management service if you feel it will free up more time in-house for other activities and we’ll work with you at all times to ensure your customer service experience is as exceptional as your dedicated server – why not get in touch for an informal chat?

  • 9+Tbit/s Total Network Capacity
    based on Juniper Trio silicon over 14 PoP’s
  • Personal customer support
    to look after your individual requirements
  • Fully isolated
    so you aren’t sharing server resources with anyone else
  • The latest features
    optional extras to tailor your dedicated server to your needs
  • Unmanaged with full root access
    for the ultimate in control
  • 100% SLA uptime available
  • The latest hardware
    for powerful performance
  • Access to multiple Tier
    1/2 backbones and local ISPs for some of the fastest download speeds