Surprising advantages of Frankfurt dedicated servers

Surprising advantages of Frankfurt dedicated servers

When thinking about hosting solutions, it can be challenging to know exactly what is right for you. Many companies know little about the inner workings of their website and online storage facilities and thus, choosing what they need is complicated. At Clouvider, we have been connecting companies to their ideal hosting solution for years. This is especially relevant for English speaking companies who have set up offices in other countries, such as Germany, and need hand organising servers.

For many companies, a dedicated server is their best option. If your company utilises its online presence a lot, has a lot of traffic or is looking to expand its internet operations, then dedicated servers are the best idea. But Frankfurt dedicated servers have some hidden advantages too:

1. Greater control and flexibility

Dedicated server hosting allows your team to manage the whole configuration of the server, altering it to meet your specific CPU, RAM, disk space and software needs. These can then also be easily modified to meet your company’s changing needs, so you will be prepared for whatever the future holds.

2. Complete administration control

Unlike shared servers or cloud servers, dedicated servers allow your company to have complete admin access. This means you can install and uninstall programmes of your choice, as well as modifying your settings and configurations based on your needs. Admin access also allows you to monitor the server first hand, spotting any potential problems before they arise.

3. Unique IP address

By not sharing your IP address with any other company, you remove all changes of accidental blockage. All companies on a shared IP share the same IP address, so if a website blocks one of the companies, all become affected.

4. Increased reliability

Without other companies using your server, there are no extra people to steal your bandwidth when you need it. Crashes will become increasingly unlikely, speed and reliability will increase, and unexpected surges of website traffic will be coped with far more quickly.

As such, it’s easy to see why a dedicated server is a suitable choice for so many companies. At Clouvider, we can quickly match your needs to one of our Frankfurt dedicated servers, getting you up and running in no time. For more information, contact us today.

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