Does your start-up need a dedicated server?

When you start your new business, your primary focus will most likely be keeping costs low and growing your customer base. As a start-up, you may feel that a dedicated server is an unnecessary expense and opt for a shared server until your business truly takes off. While this may seem like a cost-effective plan, it could actually seriously harm your business and cost you more in the long term. Below we look at how a dedicated server could benefit a start-up business…

1. Building your reputation

As a new business, it is essential you create a positive first impression. If potential customers visit your website or online profiles and find them to be lagging, slow to load, or worse, unavailable, they will instantly disregard your business and presume your company must be as unreliable as your website. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share server space, meaning your website is guaranteed lightning-fast loading speeds and 100% uptime.

2. Growing your business

As a start-up, all it takes is the right campaign or endorsement to make your product an overnight success. Should such a surge in interest about your company happen, you need your server to be able to handle the extra traffic and the growth of your website and business. With a dedicated server, you can scale your requirements with ease, ensuring that should your company grow rapidly, you will be able to handle it effortlessly.

3. Making connections

As a start-up business, you are most likely overwhelmed with the number of daily tasks and duties you have to perform. Having a managed dedicated server will ensure that your company completes automated data back-ups and security checks routinely, without you having to lift a finger. A dedicated managed server will also give you access to first-class customer support, ensuring that any queries or questions you may have can be answered quickly.

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