Why Wordpress performs best on a dedicated server

Why WordPress performs best on a dedicated server

WordPress is an overall content management system, and if you’re into managing the website for your business yourself, it’s probably the easiest way for you to do it. In some circles, WordPress has a reputation for being slow, clunky and difficult to customise. However, this doesn’t need to be the case for your website. That reputation is likely a result of WordPress being the free software that’s incredibly easy to use; because almost anyone can make a WordPress website, lots of them suffer from poorly-optimised designs. Worse still, it’s often recommended by hosting providers who sell poor-quality, low-performance shared hosting packages.

Why shared hosting isn’t good enough

Shared hosting is just that – a single server managed by your hosting provider which runs multiple websites. Most providers won’t let you know the technical specifications or capabilities of the server running your website. These limited resources are shared between all the websites on the server, however many that may be. This could mean that when other websites on the server are getting lots of traffic, your own website’s performance is negatively affected.

Using shared hosting also gives over control of many aspects of your website over to the hosting company. How much power will depend on which hosting provider you’re using? Much of this will be necessary for security reasons, ensuring each shared hosting user can’t make changes that would negatively affect the other websites on the server. This means you might find yourself begging your hosting provider to allow you to upgrade a large file or change some technical settings such as the PHP configuration.

With some shared hosting providers, you don’t even know where your website is located. For a British website, you’d always choose UK dedicated servers to minimise latency, and you’d usually be given specific detail like a London datacentre.

Why a dedicated server solves these problems

When you rent or buy a dedicated server, you know exactly what you’re getting as you’re given a full breakdown of the system resources and technical capabilities. As the server is dedicated for your own use, you have exclusive use of these resources, so you can be absolutely sure you have enough power to run your business website. You could even work out exactly how many users you can handle at once before your site starts to slow down, ensuring you’re always running at optimum speed.

You’ll be able to configure your server exactly the way you want, with full control over almost everything. You can even choose an operating system and install it on this powerful platform without consulting any of the hosting company’s technicians!

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