Common mistakes made when choosing a dedicated server

When looking to buy your dedicated server, it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed by the wealth of information available, especially as some of it can be contradictory. There are hundreds of options available and thousands of specific servers, each with its specifications, which makes reviewing all of these options almost impossible. When choosing a dedicated server, you need to avoid a few common mistakes to ensure that you find the best server for your needs and can quickly reduce your number of options.

1. Ignoring the security features of your dedicated server

Given the increasing rise of cybercrime, and the new GDPR legislations prioritising data security, you need to ensure that your server has robust data centre security. It is also worth considering servers that offer additional security features such as DDoS protection. The more security features you can get for your price level, the greater your peace of mind – and this applies to your clients as well!

2. Disregarding technical and Customer support

Dedicated servers are only as good as their technical and customer support features. If your server goes down and you can’t contact anyone until the next day, you will have lost business, and the unreachable server may damage your reputation. Find a dedicated server that offers extended technical and Customer support hours or even 24/7 provisions.

3. Choosing the wrong specifications for your dedicated server

Getting the proper specifications is extremely important; too low, and your server won’t be able to cope with all of your business needs, but you don’t want to be paying over the odds for space that you don’t need. Before considering a dedicated server, you need to establish precisely what your business requires in terms of RAM, storage and bandwidth. Any reputable server company e to offer you recommendations from their expertise to ensure that you get the best deal.

4. Forgetting scalability

While you may need set specifications of bandwidth and RAM for this point in time, business needs are dynamic, growing and changing all of the time. When choosing a server, ensure that there is flexibility in your plan for future scalability so that your server can change and grow in line with your business. This will save you future hassle in the long run, knowing that your dedicated server provider will offer the flexibility you need.

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