Why dedicated servers make sense for eCommerce

When it comes to operating an eCommerce site, maximising your uptime, as well as smoothing the Customer experience as much as possible, must be a top priority. For this reason, one of the most important decisions you can make is which server to choose.

Dedicated servers make for a compelling option, and in this blog, we take a look at exactly why they are so well suited to online retailers. With product information and media, along with everything which you need for Customer service, eCommerce websites can take up a lot of space. That’s why a dedicated server can be the best choice, giving you an ample amount of RAM and a strong CPU which your business needs, as well as the ability to transfer a large amount of data. Should you need to expand your eCommerce site in the future, you can benefit from the scalability offered by dedicated servers, which will allow you to retain the same server even as your hosting requirements increase.

As an eCommerce business, naturally, you will want your site to be as busy as possible, and that means you will need to handle all the traffic. A dedicated server offers a reliable connection, meaning your site can enjoy more uptime than with other types of web hosting. If you have big plans, you can rest assured that a dedicated server can stand up to sudden spikes in traffic, which can sometimes be seen during promotional periods.

Superb value

With an eCommerce store, one of the things you shouldn’t compromise on is the hosting for your website – after all, you don’t have a high street store to fall back on if your site is down. And while in the UK dedicated servers can be seen as a more expensive hosting option, when all is said and done they can offer fantastic value to online retailers; giving you a higher performance level that can’t be found on a shared server. As time goes by, you might thank yourself for making the investment sooner rather than later. Those are some dedicated server advantages to bear in mind if you are selling products online. Contact us today to discuss the right dedicated server package for you.

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