Three qualities that your dedicated server provider should have


Many businesses now choose to use dedicated servers when thinking about their hosting requirements. This is for a variety of reasons from the extra security it offers to the ability to customise the server to your personal requirements and the way it gives more power for you to play with. In some ways, choosing this as your hosting plan is the easy part! Where it can get more complicated is which hosting provider to choose.

Here are three of the main qualities that any decent hosting provider should have.

1. Good value for money

The first thing you will naturally want to look for is a hosting provider that gives great value for money with the dedicated server plans it offers. This doesn’t mean the cheapest – value does not always equate to the least expensive. Look for a provider that matches up well on price but compared with the features that their dedicated hosting plan offers.

2. Superb Customer support

Another factor that you will need to take into account is the level and availability of the Customer support that they offer. Check out reviews online or ask friends who they use – you really want to see a level of Customer support that is outstanding. After all, when you have an issue, you need a provider who is helpful and supportive. In addition, make sure you pick a provider that works the same hours as you so they will be on hand when needed. Naturally, the best support here is a provider that operates 24/7.

3. Location

The location of the dedicated servers that your provider uses is also key. Ideally, you are looking for a provider and servers located in a major city such as London. This will allow for the best infrastructure around them to keep the dedicated server you are using fully supported and running with no downtime.

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