Critical skills for IT teams

Even one hour of business downtime equates to catastrophe for most companies, so maintaining an effective IT team is critical to continued business success and effectiveness. Some of the most critical skills for IT teams are discussed below.

Software development

Trained IT staff need to be aware of how software is being implemented within the business and the ways in which it’s utilised to ensure optimal results at all times. Even when companies use off the shelf software solutions, the capability to provide software development skills is an important IT function as most software requires customising in some way to meet your specific business requirements and enhance profitability.

Security knowledge

The knowledge to handle denial of service (DoS) attacks and virus outbreaks is critical for IT departments as the risks of compromised business data are tremendous. IT staff need to have security awareness and knowledge of potential security risks to provide a complete 24/7 service that maintains the safety and security of data at all times.

Knowledge of networks

In-depth knowledge of networks and connectivity issues is another critical area where IT departments need to be up to speed. Even a few moments of network outage can result in costly lost transactions and revenue for companies. Key IT network teams need to have the skills to ensure high availability of all key business systems at all times, alongside skills in configuring and supporting the delivery of network services.

Data storage skills

IT teams should develop an understanding of all new developments in data storage so they can select the best solutions to company business requirements. Data needs to be kept safe, secure and available at all times, as well as the requirement to maintain recoverability. Many businesses have evolved from single server status to an array of servers and cloud-based storage options in this modern era, so IT teams need the skill and knowledge to provide the best storage configuration, advice and disaster recovery management solutions.

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