What is a dedicated server? A guide for the uninitiated

In the telecommunications and internet industries, many businesses, whether they are large multinational corporations or SMEs, are discussing dedicated servers. However, for anyone out of the loop or new to the business, these words may just sound like technical jargon. For anyone looking to make their business stand out through the internet and data services, dedicated servers cannot be ignored, and it is well worth digging deeper to fully understand how dedicated servers can help your business.

Our experts have put together a short guide on the basics of UK dedicated servers to use as a starting point in your research.

While the most basic answer to the question “what is a dedicated server?” would be “a server that is solely used for one purpose or committed to one business’, this answer doesn’t really provide much context. A far better answer would be that a dedicated server is a specific server rented out by an individual or business for their exclusive use (which can include a huge range of things). The server is located in a large data centre, which offers all the benefits of high-quality hardware, top of the range security features and constant maintenance.

As such, a business is likely to use a dedicated server when they need to host a website or an application that is resource-intensive or has a high traffic volume. Unlike shared servers, a dedicated server is devoted entirely to your business needs, which allows it to handle lots of traffic, constant usage and high resources without affecting the quality or speed for the end users.

Dedicated servers are therefore ideal for any eCommerce website, or software as a service (SaaS) servers. Offering security, scalability and flexibility, dedicated servers are becoming increasingly common amongst all businesses due to their many long-term advantages and ability to maintain short-term website and application security.

At Clouvider, we pride ourselves on offering excellent hosting services from our top of the range London datacentres. Delivering high-quality dedicated servers, with constant maintenance and a focus on security, we can help you with all of your dedicated server needs. For more information, please contact us.

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