Three things to consider when picking a dedicated server

When picking a dedicated server, it’s essential to make sure that the right option is selected. Dedicated servers likely going to be the foundation of your business for a long time; so consider these factors when choosing:
What type do I need? Do we want one or node many within our company structure? Which parts/entities do my organisation represent? Are there specific needs related to content filtering?


Scalability of dedicated servers

When you’re launching a business, you’re not doing it to keep it at the same size throughout its operation; you’re doing so with the dream of expanding and becoming more profitable. However, a larger company needs a larger workforce, and a larger crew will need to be sustained by more intensive technical requirements. That’s why scalable dedicated server solutions are essential, as they allow your technological infrastructure to grow alongside your business.


The performance of the dedicated server

The way that your dedicated server performs is important too. A server that only transfers data at a low rate will ultimately cap what your organisation can do by limiting the amount of data that you can share at any one time. If your server has a much higher level of performance, with a sound processing and data transfer speed, using a dedicated server as a private cloud for your company becomes much more straightforward.



In addition to solid performance, your dedicated servers will need to perform at this level for a long and sustained period to be truly viable. If you’re in the middle of a large download or uploading a necessary file, and the server drops, then you’re likely to have some problems. By picking a server with slightly more capacity than you need, you remove the risk of throttling and performance issues at high load times.


Service Provider

Finally, picking the right provider is key to making sure dedicated servers run well. A reliable and trustworthy provider will offer you servers that dash consistently and affordably and boost your business without any issues. We have experience running dedicated servers and now support most of Europe, with Amsterdam and Frankfurt dedicated servers up and running. If you’re interested, get in touch today to see what Clouvider can do for you.


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