What you should look for in a dedicated server provider


Using a dedicated server can be cost-efficient and save you time. Making sure you partner with the right provider is key to getting the best out of the service.

Things to consider when looking for a dedicated server provider include:

Provider experience, expertise and knowledge

Make sure your provider has an appropriate level of knowledge of the solutions available and best practices for a business of your size and operations. A proficient service provider will be able to advise you on a range of solutions which may include dedicated servers and cloud hosting or a mixture of both. They may suggest that a hybrid of different solutions is most appropriate to your business and its growth ambitions.

Server management

Consider how much you will need to manage your server and whether your dedicated server provider can provide you with access to the management functions you need. You may want to manage your dedicated server remotely, allowing your IT team to change the operating system and make any additions or amends to your business’s software portfolio, for example.

Quality of the network

The speed and quality of service for your customers is important, and so it is essential that the dedicated server provider you choose is able to ensure quality. Look for a great network and a location that is suitable for your business and customers. For example, UK dedicated servers are appropriate for UK and European businesses, but you may wish to look elsewhere should you require access for international customers on a wider scale. Alternatively, having dedicated servers in different locations may enable you to service the widest range of customers to a very high standard.

Get in touch

Clouvider are delighted to be able to offer a resilient network with excellent personal service, with fast delivery and at reasonable prices. If you would like to discuss setting up a dedicated server for your business, please do feel free to call us or submit your query online. We would love to help you and provide the high-quality support your business deserves.

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