What are the benefits of virtual and cloud servers?


Virtual servers can be an effective way to save your business time and, as a result, money. But why is this? Here’s our guide to the different benefits of virtual servers.

They’re very scalable

One of the main problems businesses have in terms of their IT support is when their needs now out-strip their capabilities.

In other words, what does a business do when they’re growing faster than their infrastructure will allow?

With virtual servers, this simply isn’t a problem: you can steadily increase the size of your website or online presence without ever having to be concerned with how much space you’re taking up or how much traffic you’re generating.

Virtual servers grow with you.

It means not having to worry about physical problems

If you take a hardware-based approach to your servers, then every time you need to make a change to your operation, you’ll have to invest in more hardware. (As well as, potentially, the software required to run it.)

Virtual servers mean you don’t need to deal with this at all. No need to worry about cooling units, repairs, maintenance or modifications. In terms of ease of maintenance, virtual servers are unrivalled.

They’re easier to restore

Anyone who’s worked with hardware servers will tell you that they can be hell to restore if you have any problems. If the problem is with the hardware itself, in fact, you can say goodbye to restoring it unless you keep a backup.

With virtual servers, this isn’t something you need to be worried about. Cloud servers are constantly being backed up, and can be programmed with effective disaster recovery responses.

Indeed, many virtual servers have an option of moving your files instantly between several online storage areas, meaning that if one server suffers from a problem, your files will immediately be stored somewhere else. And in most cases, resetting a virtual server is far easier than dealing with its physical counterpart.

You can make changes more easily

In the end, cloud and virtual servers are about flexibility. Whatever situation your business finds itself in, you’ll be able to adapt to it with your online storage.

That’s simply not the case when it comes to hardware.

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