The benefits of unmetered dedicated servers

The dedicated hosting industry can be quite overwhelming and difficult to understand at times, which is why we’ve compiled a simple and short list of how unmetered dedicated servers can benefit your business.


Allows room for business growth

As you work toward your goals and grow your business, you will take on more and more customers, which means that you’ll need to increase your bandwidth. When business is booming and customers are flooding to your site, the very last thing you want to happen is for your site to crash due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth. If your business doesn’t have an unmetered bandwidth plan, your site is at risk of crashing and you may be landed with hefty fees for your bandwidth overuse. With an unmetered dedicated server, your business can grow exponentially without you having to worry about your bandwidth capacity.


Offers website flexibility

With an unmetered dedicated server, you can make changes to your website by configuring your server to your own specifications, installing custom software and allocating resources. An unmetered dedicated server will offer you complete control over your site and root server access while allowing you to create a web platform that meets your unique specifications. For example, the majority of hosting providers with a metered server will not permit high-bandwidth usage patterns such as VPN usage, IPTV streaming or live content streaming.


Saves money and offers peace of mind

With a metered server, bandwidth will always be at the top of your list of concerns, even when you should be rejoicing at the success of your business and an influx of new users. With an unmetered server, you can rest in the knowledge that your site will continue to run smoothly as you achieve business success as you can use as much bandwidth as you require.

If you opt for a metered server, the fees that you’ll be landed with if you exceed the bandwidth quotas will actually cost more long term than an unmetered server, not to mention the amount of time you’ll waste trying to fix any issues that might occur.

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