The benefits of using an outsourced dedicated hosting provider


Whether large or small, businesses have a huge range of server hosting options available to them. Most commonly businesses use an outsourced shared hosting model where a single server is used by a range of different websites. Companies looking for more control should utilise an outsourced provider of dedicated hosting services so that they can have exclusive use of the resources without the challenges of owning and maintaining a dedicated server in-house. Using a dedicated outsourced hosting provider simply makes sense and here we explore why.

It’s all yours

The resources of outsourced UK dedicated servers are all yours. This means you won’t need to worry about other sites clogging your server or bad scripts on someone else’s website creating spikes in bandwidth use. With a dedicated server you can make use of the CPU and RAM exactly as it is needed for your company.

Enhanced performance

With dedication comes enhanced performance because you have more control. Having control of this server gives you the ability to manage the system stably and reliably in the knowledge that the server can manage a spike in traffic when it is needed.

100% uptime

The risk on shared servers is that ‘general maintenance’, which in reality is normally maintenance being carried out for another user of the server, can be massively reduced. Outsourced dedicated server providers can offer you 100% uptime, even when carrying out changes or development for you. This means that you can rest assured that your website will always be up and running.

No equipment overheads

With the emergence of London datacentres you can now pay simply for what you use without the added overheads of purchase, installation and maintenance. This makes outsourced dedicated servers far more achievable for your company and far more practical to install. With an outsourced dedicated server you can enjoy all of the benefits of access at a cost-effective price.

Using an outsourced dedicated server for your business makes sense because it is affordable and offers the highest possible standard of coverage and support. An outsourced dedicated server can be built to your needs and set up at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own server systems.

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