Three myths about domain registration


Your domain name is one of the first things you need to establish to create an online presence. So it’s essential to know as much about the domain registration process as possible. Here are three common myths and misconceptions about domain registration that you need to be aware of.


You only need a domain name if you have a website.

We can use a domain name for many purposes. Most people register their chosen domain name before making a website. It will help ensure that it doesn’t get taken by anybody else. They can then use that name to create a professional email address or a web address to direct customers to another online presence they might have if they don’t have a website yet, such as their social media profile. Registering a domain name as soon as possible can ensure that you have access to the name you want when you are finally ready to create a website.


When you register a domain, you own that name.

Paying to register a domain name is similar to paying for a subscription. The business or person registering the name has ownership over the name for a set period (usually a year). When the registration period ends, the person or business registered the domain name can either renew a domain or leave it to expire. If you allow your domain name to expire without renewing it, you could risk someone else benefiting from all of the views and traffic your site has received, which could cost you significantly for rebranding.


Your domain name is easy to change.

Choosing your domain name carefully is extremely important if you decide that you no longer like it after registering. It can be pretty complicated to change. The domain name you choose is permanent. However, some loopholes will help you work around them if you decide to change it. You can either register an entirely new domain name or install a 301 redirection and direct it to your new domain. However, the main problem with changing your domain name is that once your current web page has earned good search engine rankings, it can be difficult to build those rankings up again for your new name.

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