Benefits of partnering with a colocation provider


There are several benefits of outsourcing elements of your IT and computer functions to an external colocation site. These data centres provide many aspects of an IT department, including the building, bandwidth, power, cooling, and physical security where the customer can base their servers and store their IT equipment. There are several benefits of partnering with a colocation provider, some of which we have listed out below.

Cost effective

Colocation sites provide customers with the opportunity to benefit from a service that would simply be too costly to employ in house. Hardware that’s kept within a colocation centre can often access increased bandwidth levels but at a greatly reduced cost. Generally, there is better protection from power failures, with several backup solutions in place within the site. Many colocations also offer 24/7 technicians to deal with any issues that may arise, providing your systems with round the clock support. Colocation centres also remove the costs associated with the maintenance of managing servers in house, including the space taken up by your IT equipment in the office.

Privacy and security

Colocation centres offer customers increased privacy and security, giving the peace of mind that your hardware is in a highly secure location. Colocation sites use CCTV, high-level fire detection systems, and can offer customers private suites or lockers to add an extra level of protection to the equipment stored there.

Bespoke services

There are different types of colocation centres which can offer your business a range of services dependant on your requirements. For smaller businesses, utilising the space opportunities within a colocation centre are one of the main advantages. For larger businesses, the additional security features within a colocation site provide extra protection for equipment and servers which have to support a large team of users, and is often business critical.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how partnering with a colocation centre could benefit your business, including saving you money and helping to increase the security you have protecting your IT systems, then contact Clouvider today.

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