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Why you should choose UK dedicated servers


For many businesses, choosing to use a dedicated server for their website is the best option. Dedicated servers offer the customer great reliability, extra capacity to handle more traffic and also a server that is just for you, rather than having to share with other companies. But why choose UK dedicated servers?

Tailor-made packages

Dedicated servers UK give the customer a great mix of everything you need when thinking about your website’s efficiency, especially if you are based within the UK. Paramount is the excellent service that UK based companies offer and that is something they take great pride in. The ability for customers, particularly those who are UK based, to be able to quickly get help if needed during business hours or when a problem occurs is vital. The service offered by UK hosting companies is world-class too and they can tailor the package you take out to suit your own individual dedicated server needs.

The best in the world

Another absolutely crucial component of online business is cyber-security. UK dedicated servers are among the best in the world in terms of protecting your business when online and making sure your site is safe. Hackers are always looking for new ways to spread harmful viruses and a UK dedicated server offers superb protection from this type of activity. At Clouvider for example, our state of the art London datacentre in the prestigious Docklands area is fully secure and offers a resilient network with 100% uptime.

Being based in the UK also gives UK dedicated servers another advantage as the expertise within the industry here, especially in London, is among the finest in the world. This means that you know you will always be dealing with knowledgeable staff if you ever do need to get in touch for help.

All this adds up to make UK dedicated servers the best option wherever you are based – be it the UK or abroad. If you are thinking of using a dedicated server for your business, get in touch today and let us help you get the right package agreed at a reasonable price.

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