The future of dedicated servers: 3 trends shaping the industry

Dedicated servers have a long, proud history in the IT world. Initially introduced in the late 1990s, popularity has soared in recent years as the technology has vastly improved and businesses start to see the benefits of resilient networks, 100% uptime and increased efficiency.

As demand for great performance increases, the future of the dedicated server industry in the UK looks bright. We’ve gathered three of the biggest trends shaping the industry here for you:

1. Much faster deployment speeds

Gone are the days when installing a dedicated server could take multiple days – even stretching to weeks for bigger jobs. With modern technology, dedicated servers can be deployed simply, quickly and easily. Designing and installing the hardware and relevant software can now be done within as little as two days. Even troubleshooting, typically the lengthiest and most difficult part of installation, is now considerably quicker.

2. Enhanced processing power

Computing power increases almost exponentially year on year. CPU performance is no longer expressed in terms of megahertz, but is now operating in the number of cores of processors. Storage technology has also vastly improved, with SSDs becoming the industry standard in recent years. On top of this, the power of machine learning and automation has made managing servers remotely incredibly simple. You no longer need dozens of staff to install complex updates or figure out ways to apply patches.

3. Revolutionary security measures

In an age of increased cyber attacks, data leaks and ingenious hackers, companies need to take stringent steps to protect themselves. The security properties of dedicated servers are renowned worldwide, and as hackers become ever more inventive, companies will look to protect themselves, their data and their customers. It seems the obvious place to turn is towards top of the line, ultra secure dedicated servers.

Clouvider are market leaders in the dedicated server space. We are experts at providing resilient networks, efficient power generation, and pride ourselves on the lightning fast speed of our networks. Thanks to our commitment to excellent customer service, we can deliver the perfect dedicated server solution to you in no time at all.

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