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Colocation datacentres – a brief guide

Many cloud hosting companies will offer their clients the option to use colocation datacentres, but for the vast majority of businesses, especially SMEs and start-ups, this terminology may be unfamiliar. As such, our experts at Clouvider have created a short guide on colocation datacentres so you can make an informed choice when choosing the best cloud and private cloud solutions for your company.

What is a colocation?

A colocation datacentre is a specifically designed datacentre facility where business and private individuals can rent space for their servers and other computing hardware that requires data space.

A colocation will ensure that the building has everything needed for the optimal running of these datacentres, including constant power (and power backups), high levels of bandwidth and necessary physical security and security systems, as well as the storage space required. In these situations, the customer provides the servers and other hardware to be used and stored, hence the cooperative nature. Typically, customers will rent space by the rack, cabinet or room, depending upon their size and needs.

Why do businesses use a colocation?

There are a number of reasons why a business might choose to use a colocation datacentre facility, and these are usually associated with costs and resources.

1. The cost of renting space is far cheaper than building a facility for your own for your businesses.

2. Colocations already have high bandwidths, so you can be sure that your server can use all the bandwidth it needs without having to update or invest in new solutions for your office.

3. Colocations often have power back up systems, so the downtime is reduced should there be an external electrical power failure.

4. Physical security systems are often included in colocation datacentres, meaning that your sensitive data will be protected, giving you and your clients peace of mind while also ensuring that you adhere to GDPR legislation.

Clouvider’s solutions

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