What to consider when choosing a location for your dedicated servers

With dedicated servers offering more processing power, better security and improved management, everything seems perfect. But you are forgetting about one crucial aspect. The geographical location of your servers. Getting the ideal spot means reliability and unmatched speed in service delivery when it comes to connecting with your clients. So, what exactly should you be on the lookout for when selecting a location for your dedicated servers?

Distance to your users

The first thing to consider is where your users are based. Begin by checking where the majority of your online traffic comes from for better decision making. If you are a startup company in the UK, getting UK dedicated servers may prove to be more beneficial due to your clients’ user experience when accessing your site as well as budgetary constraints. Close proximity also ensures that you can visit your dedicated servers UK location any time if you need to check whether things are running smoothly. You also get the benefit of having a close partnership with your provider for better technical support.

Do you need multiple server locations?

Large companies, on the other hand, may need multiple server locations due to their global audience. If you fall into this category, one London datacentre will not be enough. Get yourself numerous dedicated servers or scale up and get Frankfurt dedicated servers. More servers guarantee improved site performance and better backup, all while keeping you closer to your audience.

Consider the infrastructure for your location

Dedicated servers need proper infrastructure without which, you run the risk of breakdowns and security breaches. Confirm that your UK dedicated servers have state-of-the-art hardware, backup measures and a managed hosting team. If you opt for Amsterdam dedicated servers, check for flexibility as it will allow you to get software upgrades and configure disk space and CPU usage according to the changing needs of your company. With such measures, you are assured of minimal disruptions with 100% uptime.

At Clouvider, we pride ourselves on quality datacenters, with locations in London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Whether you are based abroad or are looking for UK dedicated servers, contact us today to get the right package for your dedicated server needs.

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