Game developers highlight the advantages of dedicated servers


In the high-performance world of online gaming, every millisecond counts, which is why developers are focusing on a return to dedicated servers for their games over previous peer-to-peer or ad-hoc networks that inflicted lag on players and slowed down the gaming experience.

Bungie, developers of the Destiny series discuss how dedicated servers could move their PC and PlayStation 4 shooter Destiny 2, from 30 frames per second to 60fps, if it was running on dedicated hardware. That will upset gamers, who are used to the higher refresh screen rates found in major titles such as Star Wars Battlefront, played by millions around the world.

While this, and similar stories, will act as a key lesson to any start-up game developers, especially those who may think of sacrificing performance for inferior and cheaper server choices, for the majority of business users, there is still a firm lesson. Having performance on your side through dedicated servers can be key when it comes to site performance, data throughput, and the key metric of good customer feedback.

Users and clients, both internal and external to your business, will not be pleased if they regularly experience poor performance from your websites, cloud services or other data flows. They will look to switch to services that offer better performance at the drop of a hat, while workers in a growing business will quickly adopt their own server technologies, creating the problem of shadow IT if the company’s main choice of IT is not up to the job.

Shadow IT is a growing problem in many businesses, where teams or departments dislike a current solution and adopt something else that does the job better. That can range from a choice of office suite or database tools all the way up to server technology. This can create data silos, security risks and may have legal implications depending on the data used. So, when thinking about a choice of server technology, or when planning an upgrade, choosing a dedicated server over which you have more control and guaranteed performance is the likely option. Managed or unmanaged, we can provide the dedicated servers you need for serious business performance.

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