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Advantages of dedicated servers


If you’re reading this then you probably own or manage an online business or website. An essential but often overlooked component of that business is the hosting and web server that you will be using. There are an overwhelming number of different hosting plans and options available ranging from cheap shared packages to high end dedicated servers so it is essential that you choose the right one for your business. A UK dedicated server offers several advantages over shared hosting packages – but what are they?


With all hardware resources such as processor power, memory and storage space being dedicated to you alone, a dedicated server will not be hindered by any other users or websites sharing them. If a colocation server is required, you can have full flexibility with the design and specifications of a custom machine for your business that benefits from the stability and reliability of data centres in London.


Security is another primary benefit of dedicated servers in the UK, with you alone being in control of you and your client’s data. With shared packages, there is no control over other users on the same server or whatever scripts they decide to run. Dated code is often prone to attack and malware, which will bring down all websites if the server becomes compromised due to another user’s negligence. If someone else using a shared server gets blacklisted for spamming, the IP address of the entire machine, and all other clients on it, will also be flagged.


Support and technical assistance is another plus point for cloud-based dedicated servers, with hardware and software specialists standing by to help you with the setup, installation and configuration of your server to meet your needs. On shared servers, this is largely beyond your control and decided on by the hosting company for all customers using the same machine.

Reliability is usually a lot better with a UK dedicated server and with up-time at 100%, networks, cooling and power supply is flawless. Many shared hosting options use lower spec hardware and switches to save costs and consequently performance and reliability will suffer as a result.

Clouvider offers a reliable, secure, high-performing and supported dedicated server for businesses in London and beyond – get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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