Dedicated servers, and how they can protect your company’s data

Data management is becoming more and more vital to businesses around the world, as they continue to expand and become increasingly reliant on data and its analysis. This data is often held on services that may interact with external servers, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, but holding your data locally on a dedicated server is a far more secure and ensures your company’s privacy.

No potential for third-party security issues

In the past, there have been some occasions of large scale cloud companies suffering from leaks, and their clients’ data getting into the public realm. The further removed your company is from the hosts of its data, the more risk there is of your data being less secure. In the case of a dedicated server, your organisation would have exclusive access to a server which would serve the needs of your network. This means your data remains in your hands throughout the process, with no fear of leaks or loss.

Secure internal communications

Internal discussions amongst employees are vital to the way that companies work. Whether it’s two coworkers discussing how to solve a problem or it’s high-level strategy discussion amongst executives in the company, these discussions are important and should remain between those having the conversation. If discussions between employees leak from third-party servers, then the employees can find themselves losing trust in the business. By using a dedicated server for your company, all of the data is kept in house with the only risk of a leak coming from internal sources. In a world of increasing data protection, chat logs and conversation data, leaking could significantly harm your company, and a dedicated server can mitigate that risk.

If you’re a business, no matter whether based in London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam, dedicated servers are a must-have. The increased security and privacy that a dedicated server can offer you means that your clients’ and employees’ data are in your hands, which is especially vital as data security laws continue to tighten. If you think a dedicated server is for you, contact Clouvider for a quote. Our expert team can ensure that all of your dedicated server needs are met, and your business can go on happier and healthier. Additionally, we now provide NL and DE dedicated servers, allowing for great network speeds for companies across Europe at reasonable prices.</a href=“https:>

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