Don’t think you need a dedicated server? Here are 5 reasons why you do

When you run a business it is inevitable that, over the years, you will be targeted by salespeople trying to get you to purchase numerous pieces of technology or equipment. Most of these you will not need, but there are some that can truly enhance how your business operates and give you the upper hand when compared to competitors.

One of the things that can benefit you massively is having a dedicated server.

But what exactly is a dedicated server, and why can’t you afford to do without?

A brief introduction

When people say ‘dedicated server’ they are, generally, referring to a physical server that an individual or a business will utilise to host websites and any various other pieces of digital platforms. The alternative is generally a shared server, which can be slow, laborious and unreliable.

1. Stronger levels of performance

This is the primary benefit of having a dedicated server. Due to the fact that you won’t be sharing it with other people, you will get better performance, faster speeds and the opportunity to make use of more applications.

2. A cost-effective option

It may initially appear that the opposite is true, but a dedicated server is a more cost-effective solution in the long term when compared to a shared one. Because they offer more in terms of the resources available and the operating power, you will be able to provide a far superior service. Also, having a dedicated server will give you direct access to engineers should anything go wrong, meaning you’ll never be offline for long.

3. Easy to modify if required

If you need to customise hardware to match your company’s bespoke requirements, then you really do require a dedicated server. Having a shared one will give you far less flexibility, and will require you to work within the confines of the preset conditions.

4. Incredibly flexible

If you have numerous applications to run then it is far better to use a dedicated server than a shared one. If you want to host a website while also running a VPN, email server or some kind of Cloud storage, then having a dedicated server is crucial.

5. Safer and more secure

Given that a dedicated server will only be used by you, or by people that you know, it will be much easier to ensure that everything remains safe. The fact that you aren’t sharing a server means there is less chance it will be privy to data breaches.

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