3 reasons to choose Amsterdam dedicated servers

When it comes to choosing the hosting package your business will use, dedicated servers are a wise move. These offer superior privacy levels as only your business will use the server in question. They also stop your website being affected by problems other businesses on the same server may have which shared hosting can bring. When you also add in the total admin control a dedicated server offers, it is clear why more companies are going down this route now.

For any organisation thinking of doing the same, choosing the right dedicated server location is key. Here at Clouvider, we have a choice of servers across many strategically important points globally. Amsterdam is certainly a top location to think about and there are some great reasons to choose this Dutch city for hosting.

So what are they?

Awesome latency and speed

Top priority when choosing any hosting location is how quickly it helps your website to run. Fast, responsive websites are crucial to keeping customers happy and making sure people visit you again. Amsterdam is a great choice here as it is home to a massive Internet Exchange which handles around 3.5TB of data every second. This makes it ideal for any company who needs quick internet speeds. NL dedicated servers benefit from being close to this major global exchange which enables low latency levels to be achieved.

World-class facilities

Of course, you also need to know that any location you choose has data centres which are secure and state of the art. This is certainly the case in Amsterdam as the data centre Clouvider operates there shows. When you choose an Amsterdam dedicated server package with us, you get multiple network connections, 100% uptime and backup generators as standard. These kinds of facilities along with high-level data security is what makes Amsterdam such a great choice.

Low costs

In general terms, Amsterdam is considered one of the best value places in Europe for power. Why does this make it an attractive choice? The less hosting companies spend on powering and cooling their servers, the more chance they have to pass any savings onto customers. This can mean that dedicated server hosting in Amsterdam offers the best value for money within Europe.

Break into Europe with Amsterdam dedicated servers

If you are planning to do business across Europe, choosing a dedicated server based in Amsterdam is a good option. Located at a strategically important point for both the UK and other European countries, it offers many advantages as shown above. It could also be worth UK companies who trade in Europe choosing Amsterdam with one eye on Brexit still. Contact Clouvider today to find out more about our unmanaged dedicated server deals in this lovely city.

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