Steer clear! Signs of a bad dedicated server hosting provider

Steer clear! 3 signs of a bad dedicated server hosting provider

Are you a European company in the market for your next cloud hosting deal? Whether you are on the lookout for UK dedicated servers, DE dedicated servers, or NL dedicated servers – there are undoubtedly some providers to steer clear of. So in this blog, rather than advising you on the ways to spot the best cloud hosting providers, we have some tips on the ways to sniff out a sub-par dedicated servers company.

1. Not offering enough storage space

When you arrange a dedicated server deal, storage space should be the least of your worries. If your hosting provider claims that they are unable to meet realistic storage requirements which you may have, citing a lack of space or facilities, this should be a reason to raise your eyebrow. When you have prospective discussions in which space very quickly becomes an issue, you should look at other providers who are offering a genuine dedicated server solution with its typical benefits.

2. A shady ‘fair usage policy’

As with storage, bandwidth should not be a worry if you pick the right dedicated server company. You should expect unlimited bandwidth as part of your dedicated server deal, but be wary of anything which is labelled a ‘fair usage policy’ or similar, as this could be a way of disguising limits which are imposed on the amount of data which you are permitted to transfer. If a bandwidth limit has been imposed, this could cause the productivity of your website to nosedive, or charges to be incurred – two things which you shouldn’t have to deal with on a dedicated server contract.

3. Substandard security

As you won’t need to share your server with other customers, with dedicated servers you can expect one of the highest levels of hosting security, and so if you spot an absence of robust features, this could be cause for concern. Expect firewall protection, anti-virus software and anti-malware solutions as standard. Data protection is another area which you should scrutinise closely when speaking to dedicated server hosting providers.

Those are some tips on how to sort your top hosting providers from some of the suspect packages available on the market. Choose your dedicated servers wisely in 2020!

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