Which businesses are most suited to dedicated servers?

If you are reading up on the various servers which you can use to power your company’s online business operations, you might have already heard about all the benefits which dedicated servers can offer. But the truth is, the decision which you make in relation to your organisation’s hosting is likely to come down to the type of company you are.

In this blog, we pinpoint the type of company which is most suited to dedicated servers:

Growing all the time

There aren’t many businesses which wouldn’t like to grow, but for some, significant growth might not be realistic. But if you are one of those companies which foresee its needs changing over the coming years, a dedicated server could offer essential flexibility. It will allow you to update and upgrade your server in line with your business requirements, letting you add or modify applications accordingly. Not only that, but you can scale and customise your server as you change its configuration.

Safe and secure

Online security is of paramount importance for organisations across a broad cross-section of industries with an online presence. For some companies, however, the best possible levels of security are absolutely non-negotiable. That is where dedicated servers come in, giving you the ability to limit access permissions, to monitor your own network 24/7, and the opportunity for data separation exercises which can protect your information in the scenario of malicious online attacks. Online security is often about covering yourself should the worst happen, and so the higher level of security afforded by dedicated servers can be exactly what your security-conscious business needs.

Low maintenance

If you are a business with a small IT team, a dedicated server can provide the low maintenance solution which you are looking for. That’s because unlike servers which you self host on-site, with a dedicated server all the maintenance and technical knowledge which is required for it is given by your hosting provider. You can benefit from round the clock support, including security exercises and updates.

Is it time that you looked closely at dedicated servers UK-based?

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