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Why a private cloud is the right choice for your business

Cloud computing has many benefits for numerous different types of organisations. However, as with many new forms of technology, it is important not to get swept up in the hype surrounding these new systems instead of researching them carefully and ensuring you know how it will directly benefit your business.

Cloud computing refers to storing information and programmes on the internet rather than in a physical hard drive, which allows them to be accessible from any device connected to the internet. It allows people to work from home and access work files and allows people to pay for the use of the software without them necessarily having it installed or owning it.

Public vs Private?

A public cloud has these programmes and data stored on the internet in a public sphere but often only accessible by those with the right security credentials. While this is often cheaper than private cloud systems through the economies of scale created, it has significantly more security flaws than a private server. Instead, private servers are only used by a single organisation, and they can only access the cloud system. Not only does it provide much more security, but it can be optimised to meet the demands of the single company that uses it, with customization occurring as and when the business needs it to.

The benefits of a private cloud

Along with the customisation and additional security benefits, private cloud systems offer many other benefits too. Guaranteed resource availability, increased space and speed capacities as and when needed, regulatory compliance specific to your area, and potential cost savings are all benefits that private cloud servers can bring. Public servers often come with hidden charges and limitations on use, so developing companies or those expecting to grow in the near future should always consider a private server first.

While every company should look at the differences between public and private cloud systems and establish what is right for them, in most cases, you will find that a private cloud is far more likely to meet your specific needs. For more information about private cloud servers and how we can help you, take a look here.

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