Three reasons why customers are not buying from you

If you own or manage an online eCommerce store, one of the main questions you may ask yourself is why customers aren’t buying from you. Below, we explore why a Customer may not be purchasing your products online. We also explain how dedicated servers can help solve these issues.

Your website is slow.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers expect instant results. Today’s Customer does not have the time or patience to wait for a website to load slowly. If an unresponsive or slow website occurs, they will take their services elsewhere.

Your website has frequent downtime.

The only thing worse than a slow-loading website is a website with a high downtime rate. Suppose a Customer wants to browse your products, but they cannot access your website or find it is constantly glitching. In that case, they will believe that your company is unreliable and untrustworthy and take their custom elsewhere.

They don’t feel secure on your website.

Customers will never be part of their payment details if they feel unsafe on your website. If your company experiences a malicious cybersecurity threat or data hack, it will be almost impossible for your business to recover and rebuild a trustworthy reputation.

How can a dedicated server solve these issues?

A dedicated server will have access to a network of backbone connections, ensuring your loading speeds are razor sharp. Some dedicated servers can even offer you a 100% uptime guarantee via SLA power and network connections, ensuring your business never has to suffer harmful downtimes. This uptime is achieved through backup generators and unmatched power and internet connections. With a dedicated server, you can also have complete confidence in the security of your website, as you are fully isolated and protected on a dedicated server and will never have to share your resources with another company.

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