Three myths about colocation

Colocation has rapidly evolved in a constantly changing landscape. Many misconceptions have arisen about the reliability and quality of colocation services. Myths about colocation include:

Myth 1: Equipment is less secure off-site

Colocation facilities are far more secure than on-site hosting facilities. The physical security protocols that you’ll usually find in a colocation centre include locked cabinets and cages, security cameras, double door ‘mantrap’ entry and biometric authentication. Members of staff who work in most colocation centres must receive diligent training in security procedures and obtain specific qualifications before starting work with vital data. Colocation centres frequently test their security protocols and systems. The facilities must comply with industry standards such as PCI DSS, SOC HIPAA and ISO 27001. Most customers cannot achieve the level of security available in colocation centres on their premises.

Myth 2: Customers do not have control over the infrastructure

Customers have complete ownership of the equipment they leave in a colocation centre and can access it 24/7. The colocation UK provider is solely responsible for providing cooling and network infrastructure and power and service level agreements for customers who request it for added peace of mind. The provider is not responsible for managing Customer workloads and cannot view the programs customers run. The Customer is responsible for balancing workloads and maintaining software as they would in an on-site data centre.

Myth 3: There are no availability guarantees

A reputable colocation service provider will offer their Customer service level agreements that provide penalties if they don’t meet agreed availability. Leading colocation centres offer a wide range of available technology, such as backup generators, disaster recovery facilities, fire suppression systems, multi-region cloud architectures, and redundant power supplies. Few customers have the financial means to maintain and install such extensive facilities on their premises.

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