Opening of new PoPs in Amsterdam, NL and Frankfurt, DE

The innovative cloud hosting firm, Clouvider, has announced today that it is opening two new locations in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable provider of IT power and infrastructure for firms across the UK. The company has five other datacentre locations that have formed the core of its competitive MPLS network up until now. This expansion into Europe marks the beginning of Clouvider’s ambitions to bring their high-quality network and unbeatable service to a wider customer base across the continent and beyond.

The unique benefit of Clouvider is that it provides multiple datacentres to ensure maximum reliability and the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 security and troubleshooting. Since its inception, the firm has positioned itself as a leader in the cloud-hosting arena with an experienced staff and an emphasis on resiliency above all. Their technical arrangement with multiple uplinks, parallel routes and geodiverse network stacks over several European locations. This ensures that there can be no point of failure. As a result, customers can relax in the knowledge that their hosting provider is dedicated to protecting their security and their business interests by providing a professional and reliable service at all times.

The company’s new Amsterdam data tower location offers a range of features for clients in the area, including high availability with at least N+1 resiliency on all components. The service offers 1.19 PUE and 30MW Power while the location itself boasts over 15,000m2 of net technical space to ensure a seamless service for all customers. The new Frankfurt location will also offer this high availability, as well as providing access to German Equinix IX and over 6,600m2 of colocation space. These exciting new developments will provide a reliable and high-quality new PoP for businesses in these European cities.

Commenting on the opening of these two new datacentres, the company spokesperson stated: “At Clouvider, we pride ourselves on giving customers the most reliable, thoughtful and up to date service in Europe. We know that businesses want a secure service that is speedy and hassle-free, and that is precisely what we offer to all of our clients. With this new, expanded range of datacentres we can offer our services to an even wider audience and increase our capabilities even further than before.”

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