Clouvider launches NVMe Dedicated Servers

Clouvider announced that they are adding NVMe drive options based on enterprise Intel and Samsung NVMe drives to their Dedicated Server Products.

NVMe is an acronym for ‘Non-Volative Memory Express’. Sometimes we also call them NVM Express. As SSDs are becoming more common, so too are NVMe drive options. NVMe essentially works as a communications interface, mainly developed to work with SSDs to exploit their performance fully.

The benefits of NVMe drives

NVMe drives by design take advantage of the pipeline, random access memory-based storage. The manufacturing processes show the various improvements in methods for lowering data latency.

NVMe drives are unquestionably better than the classic spinning and standard SSD drives of times before.  Traditional spinning hard disk drives – known as HDD – can’t compete by the super fast and much more affordable Solid State Drives (SSD). SSD’s continue in their advancements, again evolving into insanely fast, cost-effective flash memory technology that comes with NVMe.

Are NVMe drives beneficial for high bandwidth dedicated servers?

NVMe drives are particularly beneficial in cases where a high number and bandwidth of I/O operations is required, with low latency, so they are beneficial for Web hosting, Cloud, CDN, Big Data and Database applications.

Some technological advances mean that NVMe drives only require a single message during 4KB transfers instead of two. Now we can also simultaneously process thousands of multiple queues instead of just one. This technology adds a tremendous amount of speed for servers.

Clouvider brings their Customers the ability to use this cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price with services available across all our Compute Points of Presence at Telehouse North 2 and Virtus LON1.

Clouvider comments

As a company spokesperson for Clouvider notes: “We are thrilled to be announcing that we are adding NVMe drive options based on enterprise Intel and Samsung NVMe drives to our Dedicated Server Products. It expands our offering to customers and ensures they get the fastest, highest quality, and most efficient service available.

“This another improvement comes on top of our recent expansive network upgrade with Juniper Trio 3D silicon and latest Juniper MX routing platforms. We offer full management and personal customer support to ensure ease of use, and guarantee 100% SLA uptime. At Clouvider, we provide the latest hardware for you to have the most powerful performance, reliability and speed.”

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