In 1945 on 15 February, ENIAC was born. This year, we celebrate the 76th anniversary of this supercomputer that marked the beginning of the digital age. What would the constructors of ENIAC think of our present-day world? With all of our smartphones and internet connectivity, it’s hard to imagine a time without digital technology. But what impact did ENIAC have on our present-day? Let’s take a moment to explore this question and find out!

ENIAC was the first electronic computer, and it paved the way for digital technology as we know it today. It was a giant leap forward from previous mechanical computers, which were slower and used less sophisticated code. ENIAC could perform up to five thousand calculations per second, compared to just three hundred calculations per minute by the most advanced mechanical computer at the time. This Giant Brain completed complicated calculations within 30 seconds that took humans 20 hours.

This increase in speed and capability allowed for all sorts of new possibilities in fields such as science, engineering, and business. ENIAC was used to calculate missile trajectories, model weather patterns, and more. Its impact on the present day is undeniable; we would not be the same without it.

What sort of things make modern times so different from 1945 when ENIAC was developed? Well, there are many! But one of the most important differences is digital technology. Digital technology has transformed how we live our lives and conduct business worldwide.

So happy birthday, ENIAC! We hope you enjoy your 76th year in the digital age. Thanks for paving the way for all of us!

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