Dual-Stage DDoS Mitigation Platform Activated
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Dual-Stage DDoS Mitigation Platform Activated

We have recently upgraded our DDoS Mitigation and Filtering platform, working closely with Corero to implement their latest in-line filtering hardware in each of our PoP’s.

Initial Stage: We operate our BGP FlowSpec platform on our network edge for analysis. This detects and blocks the most common and volumetric attack vectors before they pass into our core network.

Secondary Stage: We now have Corero DDoS Filtering Appliances. These appliances Always feature on Corero SmartWall TDS, utilising their SecureWatch® technology to protect your systems against Cyber-attacks and performing Real-time in-line Anti-DDoS protection for more complex and sophisticated attack vectors and types.

With our in-house filtering appliances in each of our locations, there is no backhauling or impact to latency during any attack filtering, offering a unique edge off multiple other providers that use external appliances and filtering technologies.

Combining the new dual-stage mitigation platform, in addition to our 1.2+Tbit/s total network capacity allows us to offer a comprehensive array of options to mitigate any attacks that our customers may face.

We include Complimentary Best Effort DDoS Protection up to 10Gbps with all our products. Additional protection and mitigation levels can be arranged on request.

For additional information, please see our DDoS Protection page or contact us for further details and see how our dual-stage DDoS platform can assist you in mitigating attacks.

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