Clouvider Limited joins London Internet Exchange

Clouvider, the UK-based cloud hosting and dedicated server provider, has announced its new membership of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the global leader of internet exchange points and international peering.

The decision to join LINX, which comprises some 690 members connecting from over 66 different countries worldwide, comes as Clouvider responds to an unprecedented new wave of client wins over the first half of 2016.

Clients already enjoy the benefits of enterprise class servers built for intensive use which are housed at a state of the art London datacentre, and it is anticipated that the new tie up with LINX will provide an even higher level of performance when it comes to direct routing and a reliable traffic exchange.

LINX is a leading Internet Exchange with 11 locations in London which are installed with switching platforms for high performance Ethernet. The datacentre sites are spread across the capital over a network which spans 64 km and spans across Datacentres operated by like of Digital Reality, Telehouse Europe, Interxiun, TelecityGroup and Equinix.

Clouvider joins both LINX VLANs, Juniper and Extreme, deploying them in two diverse networks which give an added level of tolerance when it comes to faults. This is a safeguard that virtually guarantees no network interruption, as if one system experiences a fault, the other is there to provide immediate back up.

A company spokesperson for Clouvider Limited said: “We are pleased to announce joining LINX, the largest and best Internet Exchange in the UK. This allows us to empower our clients with even better routing, even lower latency and even higher throughput, and more direct connectivity to the most important networks in the UK.”.

Among the synergies shared by Clouvider and LINX is a commitment to reinvesting back into their organisations; LINX is a non-profit entity with a stated aim of ploughing proceeds from its services back into its infrastructure for the benefit of its members. The organisation also lobbies on behalf of its members when it comes to public policy, presenting Clouvider with more opportunities to influence debate on the internet and its related rules and regulations.

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