Clouvider adds 800Gb/s Connectivity to Tier 1 ISP; Telecom Italia Sparkle

October 2020  – London, UK

London based hosting and MPLS network operator Clouvider Limited has recently chose to add the Tier 1 Internet backbone – Telecom Italia Sparkle – to their network. This addition has enhanced its bandwidth volume and resulted in an additional 800 Gbps of capacity, totalling 3.7 Tb/s of external connectivity for AS62240.

Clouvider is a high availability, multi-continent network operator offering high availability cloud hosting and dedicated servers that offer increased throughput and reduced load times.

A company spokesperson for Clouvider has said that “Sparkle is a reliable, top performance IP solution which will support our digital growth and enhance our connectivity.”

Established in 2003, Telecom Italia Sparkle already has a dominating presence throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe, and also has a more unique presence in places such as the Middle East and Africa, adding up to 33 different countries throughout the world.

Clouvider is based in London, UK but is expanding into the US and Europe with an additional 5 service locations. With the help of Sparkle’s IXP Connect, ISPs will be able to connect to the main Internet points throughout Europe and the US in a way that is simple and flexible.

Clouvider already makes use of a premium blend of networks, including Telia, GTT, NTT and more. They believe that the addition of Telecom Italia Sparkle will only enhance their network, being one of the top 10 IP players on a global basis.

Clouvider compliments its multi Tb/s network with a Dual Stage DDoS Mitigation Platform that is already equipped Corero SmartWall® TDS appliances and FlowSpec in each facility.

Sparkle’s IP Transit service is referred to as Seabone, which is renowned as a worldwide Tier 1 Internet backbone. A Tier 1 network is one that can reach any network throughout the Internet by using interconnection that is settlement-free.

Seabone offers Clouvider optimised routing to content providers, ISPs, and accelerators, as well as first-class access to the Global Internet. Promoting reliability, robustness, and a performance that is unmatched by rival network providers.

Another spokesperson for Clouvider said, “Sparkle’s worldwide reach has allowed Clouvider to take the next step in providing fully redundant infrastructure which will hold up as a future-proof network. Our clients have high demands, and Sparkle’s network features will allow us to meet our aims.”

Clouvider Limited offers 24/7/365 NoC support and offers its enterprise feature set at highly competitive prices.

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