Why using a managed dedicated server makes business sense

In the modern business world, choosing the best hosting solution for your company website is essential. Your online presence is naturally vital if you operate solely this way, but also if you own physical stores too. Very often, your website and how it performs will be a potential customer’s first impression of you. Get it right and they will come back for more!

Dedicated to your business alone

Dedicated servers themselves have long been a favourite hosting solution for many businesses and personal websites. This kind of server is set aside solely for your needs and offers superb advantages as a result of this. Not only is the security aspect increased with it being dedicated to you but it also gives greater speeds. In addition, it will guard against any server downtime caused by another website crashing, which can happen in shared server environments.

Why choose managed dedicated server hosting?

In the same way choosing a dedicated server gives extra benefits to your business, managed hosting does as well. The main feature that many love is that the expert staff at your hosting company will keep an eye on your website and look after it for you.

This will usually include services such as any support you may need, updating any security measures, and the maintenance of server uptime, amongst other things. By having a specialised team do it for you, you can spend more time on your core business. It also saves you the hassle of doing it yourself if IT isn’t your strong point. In simple terms, they will instantly spot any potential issues with your site and fix them quickly so your customers don’t notice!

Get in touch today

At Clouvider, we are delighted to be able to offer a resilient network with 100% SLA uptime. Our excellent personal service comes at a reasonable price to offer real cost savings to you. If you are interested in using managed UK dedicated servers for your business, give us a call or submit your query via the website.

We look forward to helping you and making your website one that your customers will love.

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