Dedicated Servers

Why good server management can make or break a business.


Most modern businesses need to use servers to host important data and network between colleagues. They can be a platform for storing internal documents, Customer data and receipts, or even file sharing between individual PCs. Therefore, managing servers is significantly crucial to the success of a business, and poor server management could have devastating results.


In case of emergencies

If your server has a sudden crash and there is no proper backup, you might have potentially lost reams of data that can prove incredibly difficult to get back. Not only does this provide a threat to the operation of your business, but since the introduction of GDPR in 2016, it could prove to be a risk if you hold any personal data. As the regulation gives citizens the right to see any data you might have about them, a crashed server could stop you from responding to these requests, which can lead to fines of up to $20 million. Good server management could prevent any crashes from taking place, or at the very least, have backups in hand in case of any emergencies.


Expanding your operations

Every business hopes to expand its service and provide customers with more of the best service they can. If you use a dedicated server and manage it well, you will have access to scalable solutions that allow the services you provide to grow as you do. Still, several business locations can access dedicated off-site servers. If you’re looking to expand into new premises, getting your IT infrastructure up and running is an important job that would otherwise take long. Dedicated servers take a lot of the time and effort out of the process to get suitable to the business.


Less of a drain on resources

A well managed dedicated server service will use very little of your company’s resources, requiring no human resources on your end to manage it. Everyone in your organisation can work in their roles effectively with no interruptions from wide-ranging IT issues. Check our dedicated servers in London or Amsterdam to get your business working more efficiently. Our friendly team of experts can get dedicated servers up and running for your business in no time at all, at an affordable cost. Contact us today for help with any of your dedicated server needs.

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