Why 2018 should be the year you switch to using a dedicated server

If you run a business then you will be well aware of how crucial your online presence is. More so than ever in the current climate, it is one of the major ways that customers will interact with your brand and do business with you. With this in mind, it is absolutely key to make sure the server your website runs on can handle what is being asked of it. This is especially true when you start to grow your customer base over time and your website starts to see a spike in traffic.

Many organisations have turned to using dedicate servers UK for their hosting needs and here are a few reasons why you should in 2018 too:

A server just for you

As the name would suggest, a dedicated server is one that is reserved solely for your company to use. This means that only your website and files are on that server which is superb for security. Dedicated servers eliminate the risk of sharing server space with any malicious websites. The risk of downtime from other websites crashing the server is removed too.

Increased power

One of the real key points when switching to a dedicated server is that you have exclusive use of all the resources on it. This will mean that your online activities will run much more quickly and smoothly compared to shared server hosting. The overall effect of this faster operational speed is that your employees’ workflow will be streamlined to make their time more productive.

Better for customers

As we have noted already, the main people to think about when planning out your online efforts is your customers. Using a dedicated server will make your website much more user-friendly and responsive which makes for a significantly better user experience. This is especially true if your website handles a large volume of traffic or transactions.

Here at Clouvider, we can assist if you decide 2018 is the year to change to UK dedicated servers. With 100% uptime, excellent customer service and a resilient network, we will keep your website running whenever your customers need it. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you grow in 2018.

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