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What are the benefits of switching to dedicated servers


A dedicated server, or dedicated hosting as it is sometimes known, allows you and your company access to a network reserved solely for serving the needs of your business. When you commit to a dedicated server you will be able to host your website and backup files on your own server, which allows only your business to access it. Below we have listed a number of benefits of switching to a dedicated server.

More power

When you switch to using a dedicated server, you will have exclusive use of the resources on that server. A dedicated server can you give you more CPU (central processing unit), RAM and disk space, which will increase the speed of your internet. A dedicated server brings greater efficiencies to your business, too, as you won’t be affected by bad scripts running on other websites, which can slow your server down. Ultimately, this will enable your team to maximise their outputs by enjoying a quicker, more efficient session when using the internet.

Enhanced security

Using a dedicated server will ensure that you aren’t sharing your web space with spammers or malicious websites. If your company manages sensitive transactions, installing a dedicated server should be high on your priority list to minimise the risk of online security breaches.

Improved performance

Not only will a dedicated server provide your in-house employees with a more efficient internet experience, it can also benefit your customers whilst using your site. If your website attracts lots of traffic, it could be affected by other activity on the server. If you’re using a dedicated server, you will have more reliability and stability than on a shared network – which will help to improve your web performance and your customer’s online experience of your site.

At Clouvider, we provide you with a dedicated server, used solely by your business, and work on your behalf to build and maintain your server to fulfill all of your specific requirements. Partnering with Clouvider to install your dedicated server will help to save money too – through increased efficiencies while also saving on the cost of purchasing a server yourself. Contact us today to find out more.

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