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Things to think about when choosing a dedicated server

Upgrading your web-hosting options to a dedicated server is a sure way to making your life easier and ensuring your hosting service is much more reliable. If you are still at the considering stage, then a number of points are worth bearing in mind when selecting a hosting package.

Do I need a dedicated server and if so, why?

Surely the most essential question concerns what you would need a dedicated server for. There are two principal reasons: you need a dependable server host for your business website – and the more complex the website and busier the traffic, the more necessity for a dedicated server; or, alternatively, you are mad about online gaming and, quite rightly, are looking for a dedicated hosting service to cater for your gaming requirements.

OK, so, which suits me better: a managed or an un-managed server?

In most cases, the majority of those switching to a dedicated server are quite happy with an un-managed server. This is OK when getting started, for example, but as business picks up and traffic increases it is most likely you won’t have enough time to be managing your own server, in which case it is time to shift over to a managed server. The big advantage here is that you can get on with your business and let other trained professionals manage and monitor your server at a distance.

How do I choose what kind of processor and memory I need?

Clearly, it is crucial to gauge how much memory your business requires as well as the sort of processor speeds needed. These are important issues because they impact the speed of page-loading times – the faster the better – for your business website or, if it’s online gaming that’s your bag, giving you lower latency. We use the latest Dell hardware with Intel Ivy Bridge processors with a range of power and memory options. If you’re not sure what you need, just ask!

Changing needs

Obviously, your business will evolve and so will your needs, so, as dedicated professionals, we will advise you regarding suitable upgrades or downgrades to your hosting package as appropriate.

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