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Servers Available Now!
Check our
high performance servers with up to 25 Gbp/s
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Dedicated Servers

There’s a shortage of cloud specialists…but have you considered dedicated servers?

With the many benefits offered by cloud computing, many UK businesses are looking to hire workers with adequate cloud skills. However, new research by Softchoice has shown that there is a shortage of cloud specialists, which could lead to organisations struggling to implement a robust cloud strategy or worse, hiring someone who doesn’t have the necessary skills.

When you’re thinking about data storage and web hosting, you need to be able to turn to someone who knows about the differences between cloud servers and dedicated servers, to help you decide which is best.

In response to the study, Craig McQueen, Director of Microsoft Practice at Softchoice said a lack of cloud specialists means many UK companies are at risk of “impacted revenue and a loss of market relevance.” He also believes that a shortage in IT-related attributes “could stop many businesses reaching their full potential in the market.” Knowing the difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server could help you perform more efficiently, better protect your data and offer a better service to your customers.

So is a cloud server right for you?

Here at Clouvider, we are aware that some businesses may be novices when it comes to the differences between web hosting, and that’s why we have made it our goal to make the entire process of choosing between our web hosting packages as simple and efficient as possible – whether you opt for hosting via a cloud server, dedicated server or managed dedicated server. When you don’t know where to turn, we can offer specialist advice to help you make the right decision.

Differences between cloud and dedicated servers

When you use cloud servers for web hosting, your data is stored across several virtual servers which are shared by other users. This could at times cause them to run slower, but they’re a cost-effective and secure choice and mean your data can be accessed from anywhere. By contrast, dedicated servers are physical servers which require backing up. However, they are also dedicated to your business meaning your server space won’t be shared. This makes them a good choice if you expect a lot of activity through your website, such as a high traffic e-commerce website, providing a seamless and quick browsing experience for your customer.

Benefits of dedicated servers

When it comes to dedicated servers, server management and enterprise connectivity, we can help you tackle any issues or challenges you may come up against. Dedicated servers offer your web visitors a streamlined and responsive browsing experience, helping you cope with high demands and guaranteeing 100 per cent ‘up time’. They also mean that you, the customer, can take comprehensive control of any hosting needs. All of our products and services have been designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, meaning you can have quick access to this most essential of business tools.

Making the right choice for your business

We are a dedicated London datacentre, which means we can guarantee a great network, fast delivery, reasonable prices and excellent personal service, all from the heart of the UK. Our team of experienced professionals are always on hand to help you decide what is best for your business and how we can help deliver the experience you require.

To find out more about what we offer and how we can help you achieve it, get in touch today by calling 0333 344 1640. We look forward to hearing from you.

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