Simple steps to add security to a dedicated server


A dedicated server is the hub of your business and it needs to be as secure as possible. An attack on the central hub of the business could cause you to lose intellectual property, can cost you a great deal of money and will always be difficult to rectify. Here we consider how to increase security on your dedicated server so that you don’t have to unpick a disaster.

1. Change the SSH Listen Port from 22 to a different port. This remarkably simple step will stop automated attacks before they even start!

2. Update your settings to use TLS-protected data. This will encrypt the traffic between computer and server, making it far harder to hack.

3. Insist that your employees use only trusted computers to access the server. Home computers and tablets should not be used as they create a weak link in the system.

4. Keep your systems clear of malware by running regular checks and installing blockers on all computer systems that access the dedicated server.

5. Carry out the latest updates as soon as they become available. These fixes often include patches to fix weaknesses that have been identified by cyber attackers.

6. Ensure that your employees update a secure password regularly and keep this password private. This insistence will prevent employees from using their ‘home password’, which will be more susceptible to theft because they will use it elsewhere when making transactions.

7. Use an IT provider to secure your server. An IT provider who is offering you cloud storage or a dedicated server will be able to help you to beef up the security on your server.

8. Turn off automatic URL opening to stop your computer treating URLs as files. This is fairly standard on computers but can offer an easy way in for programs that then auto-run.

9. Disable unnecessary services. Services on your computer that are not used can still offer gateways into your system and your server. Disabling anything that is not used will reduce the number of channels that can be used for access.

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