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Is a dedicated server worth the investment for your microbusiness?

When you have a company with fewer than ten employees, classed as a microbusiness, considering your hosting options can seem like a conundrum reserved for larger corporations.

After all, with such a small payroll, the benefits of utilising a data centre’s facilities may seem questionable. It benefits fewer members of staff, and your system is likely to be fairly small, which may leave you to believe that it’s less vulnerable to hosting issues faced by larger SMEs and beyond.

However, this couldn’t be further from the case. Microbusinesses require a dedicated server just as much as medium-sized enterprises. So why is this?

Dedicated servers promote business growth

Whether you’re a startup or you’re just looking to expand, a dedicated server can facilitate a range of usage speed increases, meaning a more consistent, fluid business operation and therefore business growth. A data centre with a tier 1 backbone network connection benefits both you and your customers with incredibly fast loading speeds, giving customers quicker access to your services.

This goes for reducing downtime internally, too. Even if your company only has three employees, an unreliable web host can be wholly disruptive, halting your company’s operations and impacting what you can offer your customers. By investing in a dedicated server with 100% SLA power and network connections, microbusinesses can expect 100% uptime, enabling employees to continue working smoothly.

Dedicated servers provide additional support

With the few amount of employees in a microbusiness, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the technical support that is so beneficial to businesses of all sizes. When you implement a dedicated server, you gain personal customer support to alleviate any concerns you may have and iron out any problems before they affect your business.

Investing in an unmanaged dedicated server makes sense for a microbusiness, as it gives you the best of both worlds: complete control via full root access, but with the support and reliability to help your business stay powered up and progressing.

At Clouvider, we facilitate dedicated servers to all businesses, allowing companies in London and further afield to reap the benefits of our dependability, power, speed, features and support. If you’re a microbusiness, it’s time to start enjoying what implementing a dedicated server could do for you. Contact us today.

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