Is a dedicated server perfect for your thriving business?

Many of our clients approach us not yet knowing what kind of hosting they’re looking for; with ‘cloud’ hosting becoming something of a buzzword in the tech world, dedicated servers can sometimes feel a little forgotten. While it’s true that cloud hosting offers a huge number of benefits for particular clients, there are also many scenarios in which dedicated server hosting is ideal.

How big is your business?

Small businesses and start-ups often prefer to opt for cloud hosting due to the flexibility of the server size and capacity. That being said, if your business is really thriving and you’re predicting a rise in demand over the coming months and years, a dedicated server may be what you need. Burgeoning businesses can easily outgrow cloud hosting, and dedicated servers can be built to meet the demands of even the most prodigious business empires.

A little extra peace of mind

When your business is really taking off, the last thing you want to worry about is web security. An added benefit of dedicated servers is that, since they are a physical server (in our case located in London), they can provide better protection than cloud storage. By choosing a dedicated server with Clouvider, you’ll also be choosing a fully isolated server for your business only, and the best personal customer support available.

Is a dedicated server for me?

At the end of the day, this is a question that only you can answer. For smaller businesses and start-ups, it is often wisest to begin by choosing cloud hosting, with a view to switching to dedicated server hosting further down the line when the business takes off and website traffic begins to grow exponentially. Dedicated servers are almost always the best option for bigger businesses due to their increased capacity for traffic and extra security.

Here at Clouvider, we offer UK dedicated servers at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on top quality service, a hugely resilient network, and 100% uptime SLA. Please get in touch for more details about hosting your business website, whether by cloud or dedicated server.

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