How to keep your dedicated server secure in 2018

Dedicated servers are an increasingly popular choice for many businesses. If you have a dedicated server then it is vital that you have it as secure as possible. Most of the things that make a dedicated server vulnerable to cyber-attacks are actually very easy to solve. Here are some of the best ways to beef up your UK dedicated servers security:

1. Make your passwords hard to hack

This is a tip that is as old as the hills! But sadly, it is one that needs repeating still as many people who manage or work on a dedicated server ignore it. By far the best way to protect against that first wave of cyber-security threat is with strong, complex passwords. It is just a fact that simple, short passwords are easier to crack and leave your dedicated server wide open to attack. Ideally, your dedicated server admin password should have a number and a random symbol with both upper and lower case letters for top security.

2. Change your default access port settings

One very common tactic hackers will use to access your dedicated server is scanning for open default ports within its set-up. Once they find an open default port, it gives them a ready-made way to your server. Check out what the default remote access port is for the system your server is running on and make sure to change it. This will stop hackers being able to use the commonly known default port to get remote access to your server.

3. Enable your server Firewall

Many operating systems such as Linux or Windows come with additional software that you don’t use but is highly open to cyber-attack. The best idea with this in mind is to shut off any software or ports you don’t use to stay secure. Of course, it is fine to keep ports open on your dedicated server that are in use. Also, make sure that you have a robust Firewall in place to protect your server from attacks and that it is fully enabled to perform to its maximum capacity.

Let Clouvider help

If you need any more advice on UK dedicated servers, then let us help. We can even provide and set-up your own dedicated servers UK to ensure they are as secure as possible. Please feel free to drop us a message online or give us a call on the phone to chat further.

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