How to get even more from your dedicated server

UK dedicated servers are known for offering the greatest degree of power of all the different web hosting options, with all the memory, bandwidth, and processors focussed solely on presenting your content. Still, there are many straightforward ways to get even more from your dedicated server. Here are just a handful.

Control your server development to be flexible with upgrades

When you have greater control over your server customisation, and only pay for the features you need, you can set some money aside for features that will improve your server’s security, and all-around performance. These might include a content delivery network, caching tools, and firewalls among other things. With a little reading, a thorough assessment of your business’s current state, and where you want to take it in the future, you can prioritise your spending effectively, and give yourself a little wiggling room for implementing upgrades as more server features hit the market.

Protect your site with air-tight security

Having all-round control of your dedicated hosting service will allow you to configure it in a way that’s perfect for your business, but the extra responsibility can expose your business to more risk if security is lax. Cybercrime is big business these days, and more and more hackers are targeting small, online businesses, as they’re less likely to have tight security protocols. It’s fine to save money on your dedicated server, but make sure you’re not scrimping on security. Check that your provider has SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, and any extras you feel you may need.

Keep your scalability methodical

While pure cloud hosting takes the biscuit when it comes to flexible scalability, the cost of scaling can snowball faster than you’d believe. Even a moderate increase in traffic can cause a significant difference on your invoice. By carefully choosing your server from step one, you can give your site room to grow, and also gain a clearer picture of future pricing, helping you bring in more servers or resources as your traffic reaches given benchmarks.

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